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What is an inventor?

An inventor may grant a license, in part or in whole.

Shared or exclusive, the license gives an industrialist full rights to exploit this innovation.




What is an invention?

An invention is a method, a technique, a new means by which it is possible to solve a given practical problem . An invention is a new creation. It is, in general, recognized by the grant of a patent for invention. We do not file a patent, but a patent application (source: wikipedia)

Regarding Aeroporteur®, the market has not yet been created. There is therefore an unprecedented opportunity to position ourselves before the dominant players in a global sector such as transport, for example.

Lifting cranes or other helicopters cost either to hire or to maintain.

The Aéroporteur® fills the gap between the drone and the crane for sectors that are inaccessible or expensive due to their obvious lack of profitability in terms of access and infrastructure.

The inventor,

first a mechanic, used to working on the different technologies present in the automobile.

Begins his activity as an inventor with the magnetic experiment in 2017.

Then the ideas germinate and take shape, many projects including various technologies or promising innovations appear.

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